Web & Mobile App Development

The web has shifted how business runs, and leading companies have had to re-evaluate what that means for their success. We are constantly building new web-based applications which provide richer and richer content, and Leading Edge can help your website take this next step.

Our capabilities include HTML5, Flash, Flex, Adobe AIR, JavaScript, ActionScript, CSS, PHP, ASP, ColdFusion ,MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle and mobile platforms such as Blackberry, Android and iPhone.

Our team of developers build all sites to World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standards. This ensures your website provides a seamless and user-friendly experience to the greatest number of people, regardless of operating system or web browser.

From concept to creation, we have our customers in mind. Our team utilizes the latest tools so that you are constantly aware of your build status, and can make timely inputs during the development process.

Android™    ACE


Crisp, contemporary, clean design is paramount in conveying your company's value propositions to prospective clients. Our professional design team can help you make the best first impression.



Complete web applications, website development, website maintenance, technical consulting, database development, performance monitoring, email, statistics and web hosting.



We have the tools to help grow your business with the most popular social media sites, including implementation from within your existing website and creating custom applications.



Improve your placement in search results or have us create and manage your paid campaigns. Optimize your website for organic search - indexing, search engine optimization, SEO.


Seattle Web Development

Seattle Web Developer

Seattle Web Design

Seattle Website Design

Seattle Websites

Seattle Search Engine Marketing

Seattle Search Marketing

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Seattle Search Optimization

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Seattle Flex Developer

Seattle Flex Websites

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Seattle AIR Developer

Seattle PHP Development

Seattle PHP Developer

Seattle PHP Websites

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Seattle ASP Developer

Seattle ASP Websites

Seattle Flash Development

Seattle Flash Developer

Seattle Flash Websites

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Seattle jQuery Developer

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Seattle javaScript Developer

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Seattle MySQL Developer

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Seattle SQL Server Developer

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Seattle Oracle Developer

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Seattle AJAX Developer

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Seattle ActionScript Developer

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Seattle Web Application Development

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Adobe Certified Expert - ColdFusion

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